Project Description

June 4th 2013 –

New CATV measurement receiver: VAROS 107

The VAROS 107 is ideally suited for the installation and service of CATV networks. The large high resolution TFT display, the backlit keyboard, the incorporated DOCSIS 3.0 modem and the EMI measurement (SChuTSEV) take the burden out of work.

An important new technical feature is the in-built upstream generator for the return channel path.   The device can send up to 4 channels (CW or PRBS) simultaneously.

The AMA 310 can then evaluate the sent carriers with respect to RF level, BER, MER, and constellation diagram. As such, it is therefore possible to analyse the upstream not only for the level but also using all digital parameters. Long term measurements are possible with help of the data grabber.

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