November 8th 2021

New instrument case for the VAROS 106/107

In the last few months, our team has thoroughly revised the VAROS 106 and VAROS 107 carry cases. In this process, well-established features have been adopted and some small details have been optimized.

First of all, the color palette catches the eye. We went from the familiar petrol to our dark, powerful KWS blue. The result is a completely new look—with the pleasant side effect that dirt and signs of use are barely visible.

On the inside, the panel material has been modified. We have opted for an even more robust design and thus further improved the fit of the case. The proven protective film is also included in the new version to protect your measuring instrument from the weather.

KWS Electronic News 2021: New blue carrying bag for VAROS 107 and 106

The carrying strap has been made a little thinner to fit more easily into the carrying case. At the same time, the fasteners have been changed from aluminum to a break- and impact-resistant plastic material. The old carabiners have been replaced by a swivel buckle, which offers additional stability.

The overall result is a modern case that protects your measuring instrument from damage and helps you in its daily use.