Project Description

June 3rd 2019 –

New KWS brand appearance

Everything is new, everything stays the same.

Right now it’s worth taking a closer look at KWS: not just the product names have been changed to coincide with the ANGA COM 2019 in Cologne, but also the brand presence has been significantly renewed:

For example, a fresh, timeless logo emblazoned on a more open stand concept. A new company brochure with separate product sheets proverbially transfers the modularity principle of KWS to information material. And anyone who listens not only discovers new fonts, but also a new blue.

Of course, the strengths of KWS and its measurement technology solutions remain the same: highest product quality, German engineering from tradition and up-to-date, 50 years of experience, modularity for flexible adaptation to future requirements, innovation protects investment and much more.

Welcome to KWS!

Download KWS image broschure
Download the image brochure now
KWS-Electronic News 2019: Product sheet AMA 310
Product sheet AMA 310
KWS-Electronic News 2019: Product sheet VAROS 106
Product sheet VAROS 106
KWS-Electronic News 2019: Product sheet VAROS 107
Product sheet VAROS 107
KWS-Electronic News 2019: Product sheet VAROS 109
Product sheet VAROS 109