Project Description

October 7th 2019 –

Sustainability: Fewer printed manuals for less paper consumption!

KWS stands for sustainability. This is one of the most important values according to which we orient our thoughts and actions day by day. This can be seen in our retrofittable products with a long service life. We would like to take that into account in all other areas as well.

In order to make our contribution to climate protection, we repeatedly examine our processes and examine whether we can make them more environmentally friendly and more efficient. As a result, many measures have already been found and taken.

Probably the biggest was the new construction of a new company headquarters in wooden stand construction. This allows much less energy consumption than our old building and at the same time binds large amounts of CO2 in the building material itself. But even smaller measures such as the change of the electricity provider, the switch to an environmentally friendly shipping service or simply the use of public transport for business travel contribute to environmental protection.

The production of paper consumes large amounts of energy and valuable water. For this reason, we will in the future refrain from attaching manuals in printed form to our devices.

An evermore up-to-date operating manual is always available online at our website »«. We hope for your understanding and your support of our request. Should you still insist on a copy in paper form you can contact us at any time and we will send you an instruction manual afterwards.