Project Description

December 9th 2016 –

High-End Upstream-Mess-System AMA 310/UMS and VAROS 107

The KWS return channel monitoring system consisting of AMA 310/UMS in the head end and the VAROS 107 in the field gained full maturity and is now ready for delivery.  For cluster selective measurement the RF switch SW 024 is available as optional equipment.

The switch enlarges the system to 24  independently measurable inputs. Both head end devices share the same look. 19 inch housings ensure easy integration in existing head end racks.

Since no knowledge about the network architecture and the signal allocation in the return channel is necessary, the system makes working easy for the field technician. Further advantages of the system are the automatic protocol generation and the possibility to measure the return channel not only with regards to level (wobble measurement, spectrum, ingress) but also with regards to RF quality (MER, BER, constellation diagram).

A toolbox for adjusting and equalizing of the return channel via the amplifier’s set screws complete the whole package.

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