Project Description

December 7th 2017 –

KWS Product News: HE 310 – Flexible High-End Monitoring-System for the Head-End

KWS Electronic takes the next step in the field of professional headend monitoring with the HE 310. The headend unit HE 310 is an absolutely individually configurable 19-inch unit (3.5 RU), which combines the functionality of the AMA 310/UMS with that of the classic AMA 310.

On the one hand, the HE 310 can be equipped with return path monitoring measuring modules. In this case, together with the VAROS 107 in the field (and optionally with the RF switch SW 024), a high-end monitoring system for the return channel frequency range can be assembled. All features and measurement options like with the AMA 310/UMS & VAROS 107 are given.

On the other hand, the HE 310 offers all measurement options of a classic downstream measuring device (e. g. DVB-S/-S2, DVB-C, ATV, FM, DVB-T/-T2, optical measurements and many more). All measured values can be read out of the headend via the internet via SNMP.

Downstream and return measurements can be combined in almost any way. Each HE 310 device is individually compiled and calculated for you.

Since the HE 310 is based on the hardware platform of the AMA 310, you also enjoy all the advantages that you are used to with KWS: upgrade capability, flexibility, continuous development, customer-specific solutions, free software updates …

The latter will soon be able to be uploaded from remote over the Internet as part of the newly developed FTP functionality!

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