Project Description

March 2nd 2014 –

Hardcopy of the LCN with AMA 310 now possible

The LCN (Logical Channel Number) describes a fixed memory location number in a receiving device (TV or STB). As part of the programming of the channel plan in a headend the network operator determines which Service ID is assigned with which LCN.

This has the great advantage that the network operator can determine which program gets which memory location number in his system. LCN is part of the Logical Channel Descriptor (LCD), which in turn is transmitted within the NIT. For a better overview on the spot, the technician can make a hardcopy of all LCN’s used in a CATV network right on the AMA 310 printer or save it for later use in the device.


4 346,00 MHz
SR: 6900 kBd
256 QAM
TS_ID: 1101=44dh
OrgNw_ID: 1=1h
Service_ID: LCN:
28106=6dcah-> 1
28107=6dcbh-> 3
28111=6dcfh-> 22
28108=6dcch-> 23