Project Description

December 11th 2017 –

Big Firmware update AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS and HE 310.

There is a big Firmware update for our high-end measuring receiver fleet (version 19f).

From this version, the same firmware can be used for all 310 devices. From a software perspective, AMA 310/UMS and HE 310 are only derivates of the basis platform AMA 310.

The following minor improvements and additions have been implemented:

  • Timing when sending DiSEqC commands (now compliant with the standard)

  • Improvements with the system plan for UMS

  • Improved AFC with inverted spectrum with UNICABLE/UNICABLE II (JESS)

  • Customized channel table now retained after factory reset

The following new features are now available:

  • ATV sound carrier measurement besides relatively also absolutely possible

  • New free software option: FM measurable in the entire CATV frequency range

  • FM modulation detection on derivative HE 310

  • DataLogger: faster version available, where only the channel level is measured

  • User defined channel tables with D-channels

  • Support of the hardware option (!) PLS (Physical Layer Scrambling) and MIS (Multiple Input Stream) with DVB-S2

  • Support of SNMPv3 (also includes v2c)

  • Support of the latest MIB for SNMP (version 2.6). The new SNMP features will be discussed in more detail below. If you want to use all the features of the latest MIB, it may be necessary to update the MPEG decoder. Please contact our service department.

  • Implementation of the software option »FTP«. For this we will inform you in a separate news message in more detail

The SNMP control and the MPEG decoder offer the following new possibilities when using the current MIB, firmware and MPEG decoder versions:

  • Video line for S/N measurement selectable via SNMP

  • Query of the NIT version via SNMP

  • Display of the »Multilingual Network Name« on the device and query together with the »Multilingual Network Name Language« via SNMP

  • Query of the MPEG decoder version via SNMP

  • Persistent storage of sysContact, sysName and sysLocation

  • Display of »Inactive Services« with Service Type 0x1F (for example Sky Sport UHD)

  • Display of the teletext header for analogue programs and query via SNMP

  • Switching the signal input to ASIIN via SNMP with amaInputSource

  • Display of TS data rate and TS payload and query via SNMP

  • Improvements in the LCN table

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