Project Description

November 27th 2014 –

VAROS 107: Extensive firmware update available

With the latest firmware release Vxx.04 each user now has 3 more interesting features for his VAROS 107 device:

  • Speed test with the DOCSIS 3.0 analyzer

  • TILT measurement with the analyzer in TV range

  • Long-term data logging with the data grabber

The screenshots show these 3 functions. Special attention was paid to the new speed test functionality. Thus it can be determined what data rate can be achieved at the point of measurement, both in uplink and in downlink. Together with the PING test and the downstream channel utilization the technician gets a very detailed picture of the HFC network performance on site.

KWS-Electronic VAROS 107: Speed test

Downlink speedtest with measured data rate 66.83 Mbit/s.

KWS-Electronic VAROS 107: Speed-Test Parameter

Adjustable speedtest parameters with several storable profiles

KWS-Electronic VAROS 107: TILT analyzer TV measurement

TILT measurement with freely selectable channels.

KWS-Electronic VAROS 107: TILT analyzer TV

Adjustment of lowering parameters for TILT.

KWS-Electronic VAROS 107: DataGrabber recording

Datagrabber recording on C28/256 QAM – everything is ok!

KWS-Electronic VAROS 107: DataGrabber data recording

Measuring example: Strong signal quality fluctuations on S30 / 256 QAM.

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