Project Description

February 26th 2021 –

Cable!Vision provides news updates on Fiber Optic Tools

In its current issue, Cable!Vision reports on the continued proliferation of fiber optic networks: “Fiber optic (FO) technology is finding more and more applications in signal distribution, both in networks and in buildings.”

“However, the processing of optical components differs significantly from copper-based distributions. Consequently, the specialized company needs different and, above all, the right tools.” And that’s exactly what KWS can offer thanks to its partnership with INNO Instrument!

This report covers the mobile workbenches IWB-01 and -02, the ideal workstations for clean and fast splicing operations, as well as the universal crimp press ICT-01 and the general advantages of crimp splice protectors.

Of course, in addition to these new releases we also offer other tools for professionals, such as fiber microscopes or optical multimeters. But above all, of course, splicing devices and OTDRs that set standards in every respect. So you are well equipped to meet any challenge!

KWS Electronic News 2021: Cable!Vision Issue 1 2021
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