Project Description

July 15th 2015 –

Again first on the market: 1,200 MHz (1.2 GHz) tuner available in AMA 310 now

Our engineers have done a great job again: All AMA 310 can now be ordered with a CATV frequency range up to 1.2 GHz—at no extra charge!

In preparation for the new standard DOCSIS 3.1 many operators are upgrading their networks already to 1.2 GHz in order later not having to invest in the technology again. Hence test equipment is necessary that allows the precise leveling of networks, eg after an exchange of amplifiers.

What measures AMA 310 to 1.2 GHz?

Level, spectrum, BER (10-9), MER (40dB), packet errors and constellation diagram in real-time for QAM carriers. Also analogue TV and sinus test carriers for level adjustment can be measured—whichever signals are fed from the operator.

Retrofitting existing AMA 310 is posible. We will be glad to make you an offer or you simply use our online form.

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KWS-Electronic AMA 310: Constellation diagram 1,2 GHz tuner
KWS-Electronic AMA 310: Spectrum 1,2 GHz tuner