Real time spectrum analyser X16/KWS.

Measurement possibilities in combination with portable TV analyzer VAROS 107 as field device

  • Communication with field device directly over signal path which is used as measurement path

  • VAROS 107 (CATV measuring receiver) signaling option via the return channel in order to select the input channel on X16/KWS for the display range

  • Real time display of the Kronback X16/KWS measured spectrum

  • Waterfalldiagram

  • Measurement of the frequency response in the return path (sweeping)

  • Comfortable adjustment of the in-house return path amplifiers

  • Automatic measurement with protocol generation in XML format

  • Ranging in reference level (specified by head end device)

Measurement possibilities with the Web interface

  • Spectrum data of each return channel in real time

  • Long-term monitoring of the spectrum data for each single return channel as waterfall diagram

  • Mobile versions for handhelds

Frequency range

  • RC (Return channel) 5–65 MHz

KWS-Electronic Kronback X16/KWS


  • Front-Display

  • Web interface

Operating Modes

  • Standalone

  • Master/Slave – up to 16 X16/KWS devices combinable


  • 16 × F-socket 75 Ohm


  • RJ-45 – 100Base-T (100 Mbit/s) for Web interface

  • SFP Slot for MPEG 2 transport stream data (e.g. 1000Base-T CISCO compatible)

Power supply

  • 48 V extern (via external power supply)


  • 19-inch – 1 rack unit

Quantity of delivery

  • X16/KWS device, External power supply

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