AIM from TKM

Automated Infrastructure Monitoring (AIM)

TKM’s AIM ready concept combines classic connectivity with future-oriented monitoring technology—in a unique tool-free upgrade concept.

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AIM ready stands for patch panel technology that is installed today and can be upgraded with scanner technology for port and patch states at any time later. This can even be done during operation by attaching two electronic components using Plug & Play technology.

TKM’s AIM ready products already meet future standards, plans for which indicate further standardization in the IT environment. AIM ready is therefore a basis for:

  • Project/process security (e.g. according to ITIL or ISO 20000 standard)

  • Data security (e.g. according to ISO 27001).

AIM ready patch panels

The patch panels of the AIM ready product family supplied by TKM can be extended by the AIM functionality at any time. The product family includes RJ45 Cat.6 and Cat.6A patch panels for 10 GB Ethernet as well as fiber optic patch panels with LCdx and SCdx connection technology for common applications in SM and MM networks.

All AIM ready products are characterized as follows:

  • Tool-free upgrading with RFID port scanner (Plug & Play)

  • Possibility of upgrading during operation.

The AIM ready product family is an integrative element for the compliance with normative requirements from e.g. future standards such as ISO/IEC 20000 or ISO/IEC 27001.

RJ45 patch panel AIM ready

RJ45 patch panel with 24 Cat.6A or Cat.6 modules for the 10 GB Ethernet application and mechanical supports for later addition of RFID port scanners. Patch panel with cable clamp per RJ45 module and grounding bolt.

Optical fiber patch panel AIM ready

Extendable patch panel incl. couplings (LCdx or SCdx) in drawer design made of aluminium as well as 2× cable entry at the back (for M20 cable gland) provided with rubber grommet, separate wire guide for loose tube on additional level, incl. fixing possibilities for up to 4 splice cassettes.

AIM ready port scanner

The port scanner developed for upgrading consists of two individual components, the

  • Antenna unit (RFID Antenna Unit) and

  • Electronic Unit (RFID Electronic Unit).

It is supplied with the necessary assembly and connection elements. Both components must be snapped together when installing the upgrade. No tools are required and the entire process can be carried out during operation.

The antenna unit is attached to the front panel of the fiber optic or copper patch panel and can be tilted and snapped into the patch panel when the patch cables are connected, so that only the three plastic expansion rivets need to be inserted.

The electronics unit is inserted into the panel guide rails from the rear of the fiber optic or copper patch panel and pushed in until the snap-in signals the final position. The connection to the bus system is also effortless and the newly connected scanner is automatically recognized by the rack control unit.

Port scanners are characterized as follows:

  • Real-time monitoring of the status of each port.

  • Reading cable data from the RFID transponder memory (e.g. length and type of cable, etc.).

  • Transmission of environmental data such as temperature and humidity.

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