Apprenticeship and Carrer at KWS

Your training/career at KWS-Electronic.

Our most important asset is in the minds of our employees. We want to further develop this asset together with you. In order for this to work well in the future we look forward, as a first step, to receiving your application. If your second language is german, you can apply at any time to KWS-Electronic, regardless of whether a vacancy is available or not.

Professional training:

Every 1st September we are looking for qualified and committed candidates who see their professional future lies with electronics. The training as an electrician for devices and systems provides all the possibilities for a later further education for master craftsman, technician, or engineer.

Professionals welcome:

If you have completed your training as a skilled worker, technician, or engineer, then there is nothing to stop you forwarding your application to KWS-Electronic.

Send in your application – we will contact you shortly.

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