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The optional modules and accessories of the AMA 310 Basic and AMA 310 Complete D3.0.

The hardware platform of the AMA 310 allows—as with all our measuring receivers—the retrofitting with the most diverse measuring modules. Thus, even with older devices new or changed types of measurement on the subsequent installation of hardware extensions can be realized.

Here is a complete listing of all the options currently available for the AMA 310:

KWS Electronic AMA 310 Basic/Complete D3.0: Optional DOCSIS 3.1 modem

DOCSIS 3.1 modem.

The activation of DOCSIS 3.1 changes the technology. Until DOCSIS 3.0, the transponders resemble a CATV channel. The DOCSIS 3.1 signals are OFDM modulated and can reach a bandwidth up to 192 MHz. Everything is different.

The new modem is down compatible. It can bond up to 32 downstreams and 16 upstreams with DOCSIS 3.0. 2 down and 2 upstreams are supported in DOCSIS 3.1. It is important that the broadband OFDM channels can not be measured with any DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

The picture shows a net with 24 × DS 3.0/4 × US 3.0/1 × DS 3.1/1 × US 3.1

DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream.

The real-time OFDM downstream analyzer is offered as an option. The high-quality measurement performance makes it possible to locate the cause of many sources of error. Important measuring methods are:

  • PLC evaluation with PLC-BER and -MER

  • Total channel level and 8 MHz SUB channel

  • Reflection and echo measurement

  • Real-time spectrum over OFDM channel

  • Real-time constellation diagram

  • Channel frequency response and offset

  • MER (f) and MER (k) in real time

KWS Electronic AMA 310 Basic/Complete D3.0: Optional DOCSIS 3.1 modem

The picture shows the level profile and the system reserve of a DOCSIS 3.1 channel.

DOCSIS 3.1 package.

The options DOCSIS 3.1 Modem and Downstream Analyzer are offered as a lucrative package.


DOCSIS frequency range extension up to 1,800 MHz.

Optical receiver (SC/APC).

The AMA 310 Complete D3.0 is equipped as standard with an optical receiver, the AMA 310 Basic can be retrofittet. The following measurements/functions are possible:

  • Optical performance

  • OMI (optical modulation index)

  • BER / MER / PE (package error)

  • Constellation diagram / Spectrum Analyzer / Databrabber

Optical signals can also be documented.

KWS Electronic AMA 310 Complete D3.0: Optical receiver
KWS Electronic AMA 310 Basic: Option DAB/DAB+ measurement

DAB / DAB + measuring module.

Digital radio in the two standards DAB and DAB + is steadily gaining in importance. The metrological evaluation, the reading out and demodulation of the services is standard on the AMA 310.

DVB-T2 measurement module.

DVB-T2 differs severely from the DVB-T standard. With the new DVB-T2 it is possible to transmit HDTV services. The echo measurement is an important evaluation of the signal reserve.

KWS Electronic AMA 310 Basic D3.0: Option DVB-T2 measurement
KWS Electronic AMA 310 Basic: Option DOCSIS Analyzer 3.0

DOCSIS Analyzer 3.0.

With the DOCSIS Analyzer 3.0 EURO and US-DOCSIS signals can be evaluated. Channel bonding is graphically displayed. The measurement of the downstream quality as well as the upstream transmission level is possible.

Option FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

The FTP option enables the transfer of larger amounts of data. Applications:

  • Firmware Update

  • Screenshots

  • Channel tables

  • Storage occupancies


The integrated printer enables documentation on site in paper form. The option is ideally suited to create a proof of the measurements taken as well as the digital documentation as well as immediately.

KWS Electronic AMA 310 Basic/Complete D3.0: Printer
KWS Electronic AMA 310 Alpha/Beta: Option SNMP software AMA.remote

SNMP management software (activation)


KWS Electronic offers the following accessories for measuring EMI:

  • EMI 240 · 301 MHz directional set with YAGI antenna, selective 301 MHz preamplifier, connection cable

  • EMI 241 · Leakage probe with built-in 301 MHz preamplifier

  • KFG 242 · Character Frequency generator (301.0–301.7 MHz) with adjustable identifier

  • DLE 70 · Laser rangefinders

KWS Electronic AMA 310: Accessorie Leather Bag

The functional bag

It not only provides secure device protection, but also enables easy operation of the measuring device. The large, openable side flaps expose access to all interfaces.

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